Let’s face it. Winter isn’t the best season for your garden. It’s that time of the year when the plants rest. As their bright colors fade, all you see outdoors are shades of white and gray. Gardeners are getting a time out during winter, too, as it isn’t the best time to plant anything at all.  

Landscaping During Winter

But that doesn’t mean that you won’t do any landscaping either. Lawn maintenance works all year round, especially in the winter. To keep your landscape beautiful regardless of the season or at least to prepare them when winter is over, you have to do the following things:

1. Take care of the tree’s bark. 

During the winter, trees lose most of their leaves but their trunks and branches are intact. Make sure that the barks remain healthy so that the tree grows back beautifully when the cold season ends. Additionally, barks are the only things that are ornamental in your garden during winters. So be sure that you take care of them well.  

  1. Install shrubs 

Shrubs can withstand the winter season so try to incorporate them in your garden. Berries are actually great choices because they retain their appeal and functionality during winter and fall. Berries bear fruit no matter what season it is so you’re actually attracting birds all year round. Even if there’s little green on your garden during the winter, the birds will still be plenty, thanks to the shrubs and berries.  

  1. Plant evergreens. 

Evergreens are perfect for the winter landscape. In the winter, evergreens may turn to yellow, which gives your garden a shade of color. Choose from a wide variety of evergreens and pick the ones that are perfect for your garden. You can install them at the center of your lawn or on the sides to serve as borders. You should have at least one evergreen in your garden for sustenance during the winter season.  

  1. Improve your hardscape. 

During winter, the hardscape and waterscape take center stage. With the plants on the background, it’s important that you have a beautiful hardscape installed to ensure that your garden still look good during the winter. If you don’t have any hardscape installed, hire landscapers to install them during the winter for a huge discount on labor. Winter is the low season for landscapers and they’re more than willing to give you a discount on a project so they’ll have something to do during colder season.  

  1. Prepare for the summer. 

Since you can’t really do much for your garden during winter, try to use it as the time to prepare for summer bloom. Get your hanging baskets, window boxes, and winter-hardy containers ready. While you’re at it, look for plants that can withstand the cold winter and plant them just in time. Some of your best choices are the miniature dwarf Alberta spruce, rhododendron, holly, and Japanese Andromeda.  

If you need help with winter landscaping, hire an expert landscaper Stockton. Such professionals can help you keep the charm of your garden during the dark and gloomy winter season and beyond.